We are a Bitcoin dedicated consulting firm.

Bitcoin revolution may impact many aspects of your business. BTC-Consulting gathers an international team of Bitcoin specialists able to advise you on various topics.

Business consulting

You are willing to start a business on the Bitcoin ecosystem? As an online shop, you want to integrate Bitcoin payment in your business. As a corporate, you would like to better understand Bitcoins and its impact on your business


Bitcoin is a great investment opportunity. However, coming into this currency without deep knowledge of the market figures can be dangerous. Market price dynamics is no different than in a free market.


Bitcoin is not only a new digital currency but also the introduction of a new paradigm: the web of trust. Develop new businesses using the features brought by the Bitcoin protocol, in particular in digital trust applications or security


Integrate the Bitcoin technology into your IT organization. Keep your Bitcoins safe from thief

Legal & Compliance

What should you be aware of if you are using Bitcoins. You are looking for legal advice, for your particular jurisdiction or globally

Public relations

Starting using Bitcoins is an opportunity to focus media’s focus on your business

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the greatest digital revolution since the invention of Internet, enabling sending money anywhere in the world, as easily as sending an email. More and more online services provide the infrastructure to start using Bitcoins within minutes. BTC-Consulting assists you for all your Bitcoins related needs.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an electronic and decentralized monetary system with limited supply. Units are currently fungible to the 8th decimal. This limit can be extended in the protocol by the open source community, which controls it. Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoins, described the functionality in 2008 in a paper: “Bitcoin: A Peet-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” and published the first digital wallet for end users in 2009. Thanks to Bitcoin, 4 Billions people equipped with cell phones but without banking account will be able to manage their wealth online.

Bitcoin: The technology

The technology behind Bitcoins enables the web of trust. End users can send and receive the currency without using a third party or losing money with transaction fees. Bitcoin is used like cash, implying no chargeback on transactions. Its economy, with limited supply, has been build as an analogy to the gold standard, strengthening the trust in this currency. Beyond that, Bitcoin transactions are faster than any standard transfer and have a higher security than credit cards.


BTC-Consulting started early 2013 to help its clients using Bitcoins for their personal and business needs.

Nicolas is the founder of BTC-Consulting. He is very active in the Bitcoin community of Zürich and he has a network of tens of professionals able to help for your challenges with respect to Bitcoin. He has heard first about Bitcoin in 2011 and started being very active late 2012. Before becoming an actor of the Bitcoin ecosystem, Nicolas has been educated as an Electrical Engineer in France, in California and in Switzerland. He eventually worked for large corporate in IT projects as well as a business consultant.

Our services

For your projects, we can bind you with various Bitcoin professionals

  • Business developer
  • Business consultant
  • IT security specialist
  • IT developer
  • Lawyer

Team Enhancement

If you are a Bitcoin professional or specialist, if you have done successful Bitcoin integrations before, and you would like to add yourself to our address book of people to reach out to help on projects, feel free to introduce yourself by sending me a message through the contact form.


We are based in Zürich, Switzerland and we work mainly on the Swiss market. However, we are very mobile and we can easily reach any European city to meet you.
If you have a question concerning Bitcoins or you want to setup an appointment with one of our collaborator, do not hesitate sending us an email or just calling.